Expert's guide to composing a finance dissertation introduction

For students pursuing a degree in Finance, creating a good dissertation is often a difficult task. You have to study and build up your repertoire of knowledge over several months if you wish to include everything you have learnt about a certain finance topic in your paper. Moreover, there are several steps that you need to overcome, from writing a decent quality proposal to the submission of the final draft. However, one of the most complex bits in the entire paper is the introduction.

Why focus on the introduction?

The merits of a good introduction should not be doubted as it helps set the mood for the remainder of the document and is capable of capturing the attention of the readers in a positive way. On the other hand, if the quality of the introduction is not up to the mark, readers are prone to becoming disinterested and they will hardly want to waste their time in going through the rest of your paper. So how do you begin to write a brilliant finance paper introduction?

  1. Reserve a unique beginning for your paper
    • The introduction should be written last.
    • Once you've finished the paper, go through it and think of ways that you can introduce the financial topic with the aid of a single strong sentence.
    • There are different methods to this approach – you might wish to begin with a question or anecdote or quote.
    • Jot down all your ideas and then choose the one that you think will be able to retain the readers' interest.
  2. Keep track of the main points
    The purpose of the introduction is to alert the readers about the main topic of discussion in your finance paper. You might consider it to be an extended summary of every point throughout your document. You will be able to generate content by reading the document thoroughly and creating a draft statement for each section in your paper.
  3. Revision of your statement
    When you've finished with your paper, revise your original finance paper statement as per your accurate findings. Ensure that it remains clear and uncomplicated so that the reader is capable of understanding the core argument of your work just from reading the introduction.