Practical tips for writing a dissertation in business administration

Business administration is not an easy subject and any MBA student worth his/her salt will attest to the fact that it takes dedication and practice to excel at it. The true testament to the knowledge and skill of any business administration student is their dissertation paper, and so they cannot afford to mess it up. However, the additional stress and anxiety to perform often detracts them from one of the key points to success – focus. You should keep the topic in mind at all times and never lose sight of your core argument. In every section of the paper, be sure to resolve all the points and proceed in a progressive manner, seamlessly moving from one logical conclusion to another rather than moving about scattershot.

  • Impact of the introduction
    In your paper, the introduction section is capable of either making your paper or breaking it. If your introduction is uninspired, loose with no cohesive ideas, chances are readers will not really feel the urge to move beyond this section. On the contrary, if you've written a solid introduction filled with witty anecdotes and illuminating ideas, your readers will love reading your paper and your grades will rise automatically. So what do you need to write a good introduction for your business administration paper?
  • Be clear about the purpose
    You need to write the paper in a way that clearly investigates the main topic and reaches a suitable conclusion. The scope of your paper should be mentioned outright and uncomplicated, precise language for this reason serves as a plus. It is necessary for you to explain your motivations of investigating this particular topic by referring to the suitable literature.
  • Giving the right idea to the readers in the body
    • The body of your paper is the place where you will have the freedom to develop the scope and nature of the main topic in your paper, and move in new directions that expand upon the subject but at the same time, do not detract from it.
    • It is important that you understand the initial proposal and abstract of your paper yourself so that you can explain it decently to your readers.
    • The body should function to investigate and supply readers with the necessary information and criticisms regarding the business administration topic.
  • Choosing the right approach for the conclusion
    You should write the conclusion as if you are embarking on a method of investigation. It is important to focus on the exploratory nature of your task. You have to identify specific features in the relevant literature, or a few issues that it tackles, and your paper will examine the literature thoroughly to prove the relationships between the treatments of the issue. Ensure that every point you have raised in the paper gets resolved in a definite manner in the conclusion section.